L'isola del tesoro (1996) - Muppet Treasure Island
Brian Henson
Sceneggiatura di:
Jerry Juhl
Kirk R. Thatcher
James V. Hart
John Fenner
Musiche di:
Barry Mann (canzoni)
Hans Zimmer
Martin Baker
Brian Henson
Anno di produzione
Stato di produzione
Tim Curry .... Long John Silver
Jennifer Saunders .... Mrs. Bluberidge
Kevin Bishop .... Master Jim Hawkins
Jerry Nelson .... Blind Pew, Madd Monty, Statler as Figurehead, Floyd Pepper, Lew Zealand, Robin the Frog, Trelawney's Butler (voice)
Kevin Clash .... Polly Lobster, Spa'am, Black Dog, Real Old Tom (voice)
Billy Connolly .... Capt. Billy Bones
Bill Barretta .... Clueless Morgan, Rowlf the Dog (voice)
Frank Oz .... Miss Piggy/Fozzie Bear/Sam the Eagle/Animal (voice) (as Miss Piggy)
Steve Whitmire .... Kermit the Frog as Captain Abraham Smollett, Rizzo the Rat, Beaker, Bean Bunny (voice)
Dave Goelz .... Gonzo, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, Waldorf as Figurehead, Zoot (voice)
John Henson .... Sweetums (voice)
Danny Blackner .... Short Stack Stevens
Harry Jones .... Easy Pete
David Nicholls .... Captain Flint
Frederick Warder .... Calico Jerry
Nigel Plaskitt
Peter Geeves .... Black Eyed
Pea  Roscoe Lee Browne .... Pirate

Galleria fotografica
Kevin Bishop nei panni di Jim Hawkins
Il ritrovamento della mappa
A casa del Conte Trelawney
Long John Silver e Jim Hawkins sull'Hispaniola
Il Capitano Smollett
La battaglia finale sull'isola

Opera di riferimento:
L'isola del Tesoro – R.L. Stevenson
Questo film è una parodia della vicenda ambientata sull'Isola del tesoro. Nei suoi tratti fondamentali le parti salienti della storia sono simili, ma quel che cambia è l'ambientazione un po' folle nella quale vivono i personaggi, in perfetto stile “Muppet”. Evidenti cambiamenti di trama dovuti alla necessità di inserire personaggi tipici dei Muppet sono la storia d'amore tra il capitano Smollet e la Maialina (che sull'isola ha un esito veramente spassoso) nonché l'amplificazione di alcuni elementi narrativi (come il tentativo di persuadere Jim a unirsi alla schiera dei pirati dopo lo sbarco sull'isola).


Muppet Treasure Island relies heavily on incongruity, and the contrast between the Muppet world and reality. The directing and music are pure swashbuckler -- the opening sequence is brilliant, with a dark pirate song with sprinklings of straight-faced jest, setting the mood for the film.
Many of the gags are cheap shots -- roll is called for Old Tom, Real Old Tom, and Dead Tom, along with Headless Bill (yes, he's headless) and Big Fat Ugly Bug-Faced Baby-Eating O'Brien (a Gina Davis look-alike who barks "Aye" in a rough bass). Others are character humor, such as the exchange in which Rizzo laments that they are "captured by crazed wild pigs and about to be sacrificed hideously on a pagan altar," and Gonzo breathlessly adds, "Are we lucky or what?!" Anachronisms abound, such as when Miss Piggy reflects on her dalliances with the murderous Captain Flint and her most recent beau, Long John Silver, who has tied her by the feet and left her dangling at the edge of a cliff. "You know," she muses, "I'm beginning to see a pattern in the men I date." A Greek chorus of tourist rats adds a surrealistic touch of The Love Boat.
For all the silliness, characters are still able to develop. Jim's love for Long John Silver is real, and the betrayal cuts to the quick. Their parting scene is heart rending but not overdone. Jim simply chokes out, "Now take your oars and row away. I don't want to see you again, ever."

Autore della scheda: Alberto Arato Data di inserimento della scheda 08/06/2004

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