L'isola del tesoro (1989) (Treasure Island)
Fraser Clarke Heston
Sceneggiatura di:
Fraser C. Heston
Musiche di:
The Chieftains
Turner Enterteinment
Anno di produzione
Stato di produzione
Charlton Heston ... Long John Silver
Christian Bale ... Jim Hawkins
Oliver Reed ... Capt. Billy Bones
Christopher Lee ... Blind Pew
Richard Johnson ... Squire Trelawney
Julian Glover ... Dr. Livesey
Isla Blair ... Mrs. Hawkins
Clive Wood ... Captain Smollet
Nicolas Amer ... Ben Gunn
John Abbott ... Joyce
James Cosmo ... Redruth
James Coyle ... Morgan
Michael Halsey ... Israel Hands
Michael Thoma ... Hunter
Pete Postlethwaite ... George Merry
Robert Putt ... Job Anderson
John Benfield ... Black Dog
Richard Beale ... Mr. Arrow
Brett Fancy ... Young Tom
Steven Mackintosh ... Dick
Bill Sloan ... Scarface

Galleria fotografica
Christian Bale nei panni di Jim Hawkins
Long John Silver e Jim Hawkins
Assalto al fortino
Long John Silver e il suo pappagallo
La lotta tra Jim e il marinaio
Jim uccide il pirata

Opera di riferimento:
Isola del tesoro
Basato sul classico letterario di Stevenson, “L'isola del Tesoro”, Jim Hawkins si trova improvvisamente in possesso di una mappa del tesoro, Datagli dal capitano Billy Bones. In compagnia del Dr. Livesey, e del conte Trelawney, Jim giunge all'isola del Tesoro sull'Hispaniola, alla ricerca dei dobloni e dei pezzi da otto. Ma con loro si imbarca come cuoco il terribile Long Jihn Siulver, che intende ammutinarsi con tutta la ciurma per impadronirsi del tesoro.

Based on the Robert Louis Stevenson classic, innkeeper's son Jim Hawkins (Christian Bale) finds himself in possession of a treasure map from the doomed Captain Billy Bones (Oliver Reed). In the company of Dr. Livesey (Julian Glover) and Squire Trelawny (Richard Johnson), Jim ships out on the Hispaniola, in search of gold doubloons and pieces of eight. Hand-picking the crew for this mission is the ship's one-legged cook Long John Silver (Charlton Heston), who fully intends to mutiny, kill the treasure hunters, and claim the gold for himselsf
Questo film-TV girato nel 1989 č fedele all'originale. E' possibile procurarsi la cassetta sul sito www.amazon.com, ma č in Inglese: il film infatti non č mai stato trasmesso in Italia.

A tale about a fatherless boy finding dramatically different father figures throughout a remarkable adventure, Treasure Island is an entertaining coming-of-age story, with themes of family, loyalty, friendship, trust, and honesty at its core. While Robert Louis Stevenson's classic adventure tale is popular film fare, it's never been done this well. Charlton Heston stars as Long John Silver and Christian Bale as plucky Jim Hawkins in this TNT production. Directed by Heston's son Fraser (who also directed the excellent family fare Alaska), the film remains faithful to the novel, and draws much of the spirit and excitement of the book. The action scenes are first-rate, and if the ship Hispaniola has never looked better or more authentic, no surprise: the ship is the original from 1962's Mutiny on the Bounty. The opening scenes are dark and rich, as they capture the period well, with careful attention to makeup (the teeth, the body grime!) and costuming. Oliver Reed and Christopher Lee are frighteningly effective as Capt. Billy Bones and Blind Pew, and the film's first half-hour is theirs. The tone shifts and lightens when Heston appears as the legendary pirate. Look for Pete Postlethwaite, Julian Glover, and Richard Johnson in wonderful supporting roles. N.F. Mendoza
Autore della scheda: Alberto Arato Data di inserimento della scheda 28/04/2004

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