Peter Pan
Sceneggiatura di:
P.J. Hogan; M. Goldemberg
Donald M. McAlpine
Musiche di:
James Newton Howard
Anno di produzione
Stato di produzione
Mr. Darling/Captain Hook - Jason Isaacs
Peter Pan - Jeremy Sumpter
Wendy Darling - Rachel Hurd-Wood
Aunt Millicent - Lynn Redgrave
Smee - Richard Briers
Mrs. Darling - Olivia Williams
Sir Edward Quiller Couch - Geoffrey Palmer
John Darling - Harry Newell
Michael Darling - Freddie Popplewell
Tink - Ludivine Sagnier
Slightly - Theodore Chester
Tootles - Rupert Simonian
Curly - George Mackay
Nibs - Harry Eden
Twins - Patrick Gooch / Lachlan Gooch
Tiger Lily - Carsen Gray
Lady Quiller Couch - Maggie Dence
Miss Fulsom - Kerry Walker
Messenger Boy - Matthew Waters
Skylights - Alan Cinis
Starkey - Frank Whitten
Cookson - Bruce Spence
Alf Mason - Daniel Wyllie
Albino - Brian Carbee
Giant Pirate - Don Batte
Alsation Fogarty - Frank Gallacher
Noodler - Septimus Caton
Bill Jukes - Jacob Tomuri
Quang Lee - Venant Wong
Bollard - Phil Meacham
Mullins - Darren Mitchell
Cecco - Michael Roughan Fairy Guide - Bill Kerr
Sleeping Children - Celeste Macilwaine / Spike Hogan / Patrick Hurd-Wood Brooke Duncan / Themora Bourne/ Alexander Bourne
Bank Manager - Bruce Myles
Mermaids - Maya Barnaby / Tory Mussett / Ursula Mills
Nadia Pirini / Vij Kaewsanan
Medicine Woman - Janet Strauss
Fairy Bride - Sam Morely
Fairy Groom - Brendan Shambrook
Story Narrator - Saffron Burrows
Nana - Rebel

Galleria fotografica
Jeremy Sumpter nei panni di Peter Pan
Raquel Hard-Wood impersona Wendy nel film
I bimbi perduti
Peter Pan e i bimbi perduti
Il set cinematografico
Il modellino del Jolly Roger nelle sequenze iniziali del film

Opera di riferimento:
J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan and Wendy
I bambini della famiglia Darling vengono visitati di notte da un folletto di nome Peter Pan. Sar lui a portarli nell'Isola che non c', dove in corso la guerra contro Capitan Uncino.

On a snowy night in London, the Darling children are awoken by a young boy that flies in through thier nursery window searching for his shadow. The boy is Peter Pan, who beckons the children to come to Neverland with him. And so, with some fairy dust and a bit of faith, the children leave the safety of thier room and thier parents and embark on an adventure with Peter to Neverland to join the Lost Boys in a never-ending battle against Captain Hook.
Il film estremamente coerente con la trama del racconto originale di Barrie. 2003 is one of the most faithful adaptation of Peter Pan since it was written, released into theatres. Directed by Australian PJ Hogan (who's other film credits include Muriel's Wedding and My Best Friends Wedding) and written by himself and Michael Goldenberg.

A first for the telling of the story, is that Peter will be played by a boy (not a man, not Robin Williams). Californian Jeremy Sumpter is taking the title role of the cocky boy that doesnt grow up, and by the same note, the Darling children, Wendy, John and Michael are all being played by newcomers. Jason Issacs (more recently Lucius Malfoy in Harry Potter and the Chamber Of Secrets) is playing the dual role of Hook and Mr.Darling (as requested by Barrie for the original play).

One new addition to the original story however is that the children now have an Aunt Millicent (which reminds me of Malificent, the Disney villan) who is played by Lynn Redgrave. Also starring in the film is French actress Ludivine Sagnier (8 Femmes) as Tinkerbell. With a budget of $100 million plus, Universal Studios, Columbia Pictures and Revolution Studios have teamed up to bring the classic fairytale to life, again, to the big screen. The creative beginings of Peter Pan took place at Columbia Pictures, which later invited Revolution Studios to become a partner to oversee the production. As the creative elements began to take form, Columbia and Revolution began the search for a third studio partner to take over the domestic rights to the film, and Universal Pictures enthusiastically joined the team. This unique arrangement leverages the unique marketing strengths and creative forces of three major studio partners working together on a global campaign for the film.
Peter Pan was produced through an equal financial partnership between the three studios. Universal Pictures will distribute the film theatrically and on video/dvd in North America and in the UK, Australia/New Zealand, South Africa and all English-speaking territories. Columbia TriStar Film Distributors International will release the film in all remaining international territories with the exception of Scandinavia, Portugal and Israel, which will be distributed through Revolution Studios. Revolution will also control the free and pay television distribution through its existing deals. Revolution Studios will supervise the production, Universal Pictures controls the worldwide merchandising rights and Sony Music Entertainment controls the soundtrack for the film which is being distributed and handled by Varese Sarabande now.

Autore della scheda: Alberto Arato Data di inserimento della scheda 20/04/2004

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